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The month of April is a special opportunity to celebrate authors, their books and their readers. In Canada April is National Poetry Month and worldwide April 23rd is World

Book and Copyright Day as declared by UNESCO. "By celebrating this day throughout the world, UNESCO seeks to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property through copyright." The tweets profiled here are identified by their reference to #Canlit . Public libraries celebrate books, readers and their writers 365 days a year.

Here's a snapshot of #Canlit from Social-biblio.ca.


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RT @MsRonnieW1: After successfully navigating @CityBtfdTransit , so many discoveries made by our @SJCEagles Job Skills students today at @B

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A great idea. Can’t wait to browse while en route @hfxpublib #BooksNowBoarding https://t.co/oAj46YmJ5e

Ronnie Whitcomb G. @MsRonnieW1

After successfully navigating @CityBtfdTransit , so many discoveries made by our @SJCEagles Job Skills students tod… https://t.co/64ZBqFZ7Gz

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RT @juliechaisson: Please pick @HfxSeaportMrkt for the next location for one of these! #WeMustHaveOne or two! https://t.co/lmRjQ6RRfn

OCSB Indigenous Ed @ocsbindigenous

RT @klewis_prieur: @ocsbindigenous https://t.co/H7iMM3natN

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RT @hfxpublib: Meet the new arrivals at the airport. We are so excited to announce our new partnership. Today, we are installing two librar…

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RT @EPLdotCA: This year's EPL Gala includes dinner, a silent auction and a keynote speech by the one and only @ArleneDickinson! Don't miss…

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Featured item: Law and mind : mental health law and policy in Canada https://t.co/jtgQbeGCf8 https://t.co/1qsVWloPEs

Ronnie in Paris @TweetsONParis

RT @BtfdLibrary: Putting Dash through the dreaded "Green Masking Tape Maze of Death." #robotics @WonderWorkshop https://t.co/JIDpHrGeZs

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Link of the Day: Rising carbon dioxide levels are turning rice and fish into junk food https://t.co/qNRqNPX7YK https://t.co/uWImS6FBne