TPL Labour Disruption 2012


TPL Labour Disruption 2012

After two weeks of labour disruption during which time all branches remained closed between March 18th and March 29, 2012, the Toronto Public Library Board approved a new 4-year agreement with the Toronto Public Library Workers' Union Local 4948, which represents the library’s 2,300 library ... Read more...

Share the Wow


Share the Wow

Last Saturday, December 13, 2014, Halifax's new central library opened after years of planning, community engagement, and patient anticipation by their library patrons. Billed as the “city’s living room", the Mayor has invited citizens to come "fall in love" with this public space, to use ... Read more...




The month of April is a special opportunity to celebrate authors, their books and their readers. In Canada April is National Poetry Month and worldwide April 23rd is World

Book and Copyright Day as declared by UNESCO. "By celebrating this day throughout the world, UNESCO seeks to promote ... Read more...

Freedom to Read Week


Freedom to Read Week

Freedom to Read Week is an annual event that encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom, which is guaranteed them under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. is ... Read more...

OLA Superconference 2013 - #SC13


OLA Superconference 2013 - #SC13

The Ontario Library Association is Canada's largest library organization and OLA's Super Conference is Canada's largest continuing education event in librarianship. The theme of this year's conference is The Ultimate Library Experience: Educate! Entertain! Empower! The program is a tribute ... Read more...

Canadian Library Month - #CLM2013

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Canadian Library Month - #CLM2013

October is Canadian Library Month in Canada - organized and promoted by a network of library associations and provincial and territorial libraries. #CLM2013 focuses attention on how public libraries connect with their communities. During this month, we will gather all tweets, retweets and ... Read more...

Human Library


Human Library

The concept of the Human Library was first launched in Denmark in 2000 as a way to encourage dialogue and build relations. Last year's event launched by the Ottawa Public Library has now evolved into a Canada-wide CBC initiative called National Human Library Day, with 22 public libraries and ... Read more...

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