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This site is a real-time feed and open data archive that tracks micro-blogging interactions among approximately 200 Canadian public libraries and related associations. An archive of tweets, RTs, MTs of these @library accounts has been maintained since March 1st, 2012.

To date, 2,482,306 tweets representing interactions among 189 library and library follower accounts have been archived and are available for anyone to search, study and review.

Social-biblio.ca is designed to support both research and professional interests related to the role and value of social media in public libraries.

For public libraries in the day-to-day, the site provides comparative metrics, search features and a real-time feed of today's conversations and trending topics by public libraries and their communities of followers.

Selected library "events" are occasionally highlighted in brief narratives and info-graphics to capture thematic or library specific news stories on Twitter.

We believe there are lots of interesting and unique public library stories buried in these data, waiting for practitioners and researchers to tease out and showcase.

We also believe there are research projects buried in these data for LIS and social media scholars. If you would like to get a data file on a particular topic or across a particular time period, please inquire with Mary Cavanagh.

Social-biblio.ca is a collaborative project of the University of Ottawa School of Information Studies and Max Neuvians, MIS, MA. The site has been created, designed, and administered by Max Neuvians.

Dr. Mary Cavanagh from the University of Ottawa's School of Information Studies, is the primary researcher. Dr. Cavanagh has received partial support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Insight Development Fund (2014-2016).

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Mary Cavanagh, Associate Professor
School of Information Studies
University of Ottawa
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (613) 562-6800 x 7376
Twitter: @mfcavanagh


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