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Mary Taws @mtaws

@annetdonahue @KitchLibrary YAY

Fernando Montenegro @fsmontenegro

@selenalarson Our local library has access to https://t.co/rarzDH8tNx courses as well. Check yours. @torontolibrary ❤️

Val C. @vcinbc

Listening to this now. Good job Measha, but @kdlang still owns that song for life. https://t.co/kScD3grWUa

Medicine Hat Library @MHPublicLibrary

Money Matters! Find out how you can put the money you have to work for you. Presented by ABC Life Literacy Canada -… https://t.co/40MlFVWP35

Debra Watkinson @DebraWatkinson

One of the few songs that moves me to tears...where can we hear this version @cbcbooks? https://t.co/OK2BiKJAea

Politics Canadian @Politicscanadia

Carolyn_Bennett: RT cbcbooks: Congratulations on winning the 2017 Scotiabank #GillerPrize, Michael Redhill (stet_th… https://t.co/6jVneBqN2t

Encyclopédie Agora @EncycloAgora

RT @_BAnQ: Entrez dans les coulisses de #BAnQ #Québec! Vidéo ➡ Retracer ses origines grâce à la Semaine nationale de la …

Kamal Al-Solaylee @KamalAlSolaylee

RT @cbcbooks: Congratulations on winning the 2017 Scotiabank #GillerPrize, Michael Redhill (@stet_that)! https://t.co/zLHhObs4j4

OrvilleLloydDouglas @OrvilleLloyd

@cbcbooks Such an elitist and incredibly snobbish awards program. I wonder exactly how the process works to win thi… https://t.co/xl9w4S4mTa

Eve @innerbusylife

@KitchLibrary Really think you need to step on this #StarWars bandwagon!! Love what @calgarylibrary is offering! https://t.co/1ii6HiQSc4