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Ronnie in Paris @TweetsONParis

RT @MsRonnieW1: After successfully navigating @CityBtfdTransit , so many discoveries made by our @SJCEagles Job Skills students today at @B

JoAnn Alberstat @JAlberstat

A great idea. Can’t wait to browse while en route @hfxpublib #BooksNowBoarding https://t.co/oAj46YmJ5e

Ronnie Whitcomb G. @MsRonnieW1

After successfully navigating @CityBtfdTransit , so many discoveries made by our @SJCEagles Job Skills students tod… https://t.co/64ZBqFZ7Gz

Gayle Collicutt @GayleCollicutt

RT @juliechaisson: Please pick @HfxSeaportMrkt for the next location for one of these! #WeMustHaveOne or two! https://t.co/lmRjQ6RRfn

OCSB Indigenous Ed @ocsbindigenous

RT @klewis_prieur: @ocsbindigenous https://t.co/H7iMM3natN

HalifaxRealtor (R) @CherylLongmire

RT @hfxpublib: Meet the new arrivals at the airport. We are so excited to announce our new partnership. Today, we are installing two librar…

Pilar Martinez @Pilarmart

RT @EPLdotCA: This year's EPL Gala includes dinner, a silent auction and a keynote speech by the one and only @ArleneDickinson! Don't miss…

RRC Library @RRCLibrary

Featured item: Law and mind : mental health law and policy in Canada https://t.co/jtgQbeGCf8 https://t.co/1qsVWloPEs

Ronnie in Paris @TweetsONParis

RT @BtfdLibrary: Putting Dash through the dreaded "Green Masking Tape Maze of Death." #robotics @WonderWorkshop https://t.co/JIDpHrGeZs

RRC Library @RRCLibrary

Link of the Day: Rising carbon dioxide levels are turning rice and fish into junk food https://t.co/qNRqNPX7YK https://t.co/uWImS6FBne