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Edm Public Library @EPLdotCA

Do you know a teen that loves comics and graphic novels? We have the perfect club for them: https://t.co/z52h2o6XyT https://t.co/zHN6bPb5C8

Grimsby Library @GrimsbyLibrary

Get 'Back to Nature' @GrimsbyLibrary, @TheGPAG & @WWFCanada! https://t.co/x1GgJSg9z5 https://t.co/i7TwtFnDNQ

CBC Books @cbcbooks

Here are the most popular books in Canada: https://t.co/baYIHQHDxh https://t.co/4tJDtrwYAM

St.Thomas Public Lib @stpl_library

Thanks @scgovLibrary! Don't forget to #FollowALibrary today, like our regional friends @londonlibrary and… https://t.co/P60Whuqt3K

NSProvincialLibrary @NSProvLibrary

RT @CBRLibrary: Did you know that there are 80 library branches in Nova Scotia? Shout out to @NSProvLibrary on #FollowALibrary Day! https:/…

NSProvincialLibrary @NSProvLibrary

RT @valleylibs: It's #FollowALibrary Day! @PARLevents @NSProvLibrary @CEHPL @CumberlandPL @ECRLLibrary @ssplibraries @CBRLibrary RT! https:…

Jamie Bradburn @jbcurio

RT @torontolibrary: The triplets are turning 100! 3 @torontolibrary branches are celebrating their 100th birthday this Oct:…

Haliburton County PL @HaliburtonCPL

Best wishes to our Minden Hills Branch Assistant Jaime! https://t.co/IOaCatdZDF https://t.co/Y0w3PDvgJO

Haliburton County PL @HaliburtonCPL

Best wishes to our Minden Hills Branch Assistant Jaime! https://t.co/uwAqH02aDL https://t.co/daUh3fau28

Wendy Lees @LeesWendy

One of the wonderful participants in our collaboration w/ @calgarylibrary #yycarts #communityart More here:… https://t.co/PskGlBQJHY