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Kendra @halifaxfilmgal

RT @HalifaxCinema: UPCOMING: Beginning Sept 8, @hfxpublib Featured Dir series presents Paul Thomas Anderson w/intros by @bitdepth @halifaxf

Melanie @ehmeelelwhy

@MelissaD_RMT @ally_roza @torontolibrary apparently this is @steviepeters's issue too!

Melissa D // RMT @MelissaD_RMT

@ally_roza @torontolibrary @ehmeelelwhy sammme!!!

Barb Wright @Lauda_Lewes

RT @cbcbooks: Kit Pearson on conjuring up brave children: https://t.co/8mEfcsGrBl https://t.co/ATWdpmV4Pj

Waterloo Library @WaterlooLibrary

It's still summer and we still have some excellent staff picks we want to share. Guaranteed great summer reading. https://t.co/1xTOlirRNN

Mississauga Library @mississaugalib

20 Smart Ways to Raise a Reader. We really like #6 smart way https://t.co/OIoD1YVlVk https://t.co/bromnzVh9h

Carol Koechlin @infosmarts

RT @AnitaBK: Great advice! Be the Chief Experience Officer (CEO) for positive culture in the school library! https://t.co/nyMq42t1sk

PelhamPublicLibrary @Pelham_Library

The Jungle Book. https://t.co/GidOHhB8dn

U of A Arts Faculty @UofA_Arts

Taught by our own @SeanGouglas! #UAlberta @EPLdotCA #Understandingvideogames #UVG https://t.co/tlvm8ymatK

Medhat Retweeter @MH_Retweeter

RT @MHPublicLibrary: Beauty is all around us. #nofilterneeded #medhat https://t.co/rF4NUIvOVu